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Google is a powerhouse, it has just over 100,000 employees. Google also has an annual revenue that is estimated at $8 billion. So, when you hear that Google is spends $80 million dollars a year providing free food to all of its employees as just one of their many incredible perks you should not be shocked. In case you were wondering that is about $20 per employee per day.
 Let’s get real. Not every company is a Google. Most companies are small to medium sized businesses full of hardworking, down to earth, good people who want to be recognized for their hard work and enjoy perks just like the googlers. Who doesn’t want to be recognized for all that they do?  It is estimated that 80% of companies are trying to do just that by having or starting to implement an employee recognition program.

What do most employee recognition programs look like?

When I was in kindergarten if I was a good little boy and didn’t misbehave during the day, I would be allowed to place a marble into my personal jar at the end of the day. When I filled the jar (20 marbles or so) I was able to choose a kid sized candy bar from the class bucket. Those were the good days. I loved putting that marble in the jar. That is how most companies operate. Marbles, feathers, tickets, I have even heard of companies that use balloons to implement employee recognition. 

What do most employee recognition rewards look like?

Every company has a Kathy. Kathy is the woman (or man) that once a day, week, month or year runs to the supermarket and drops a few hundred dollars on gift cards. She does her best and buys a variety of gift cards. When reward time comes around, Nike, Amazon, Cinemark, they go quick leaving the less desirable gift card behind. There goes another $25 per unused gift card, down the drain. According to one study $1 billion in gift cards go unused per year. 
How to be a Google without spending $80 million a year on free food?
Start an effective employee recognition program. Stop dropping marbles into jars. Stop handing out paper meal tickets and start enabling your employees to recognize one another. Traditional employee recognition programs are from the top down with managers determining who is deserving and who needs to improve. There is a workplace culture shift and now employees want to be recognized for the day to day and place great importance on the recognition of their peers. Employee recognition programs do not need to be about free food. 

What is an effective employee experience platform?

At Nectar HR we believe there are three pillars to employee experience and employee engagement. 
Pillar 1: Recognition and Rewards – Gamified point-based system that allows employees to recognize and reward their peers and redeem those points for gift cards that they pick
Pillar 2: Employee Voice – eNPS surveys that give feedback anonymously to HR allowing them to make the necessary changes to improve the workplace culture
Pillar 3: Employee Perks – Free to all, discounts on events and activities, demonstrating the importance of a work-life-balance.

Employee Experience in one place:

Nectar HR has changed the game. Employee rewards and recognition should not cost $80 million dollars, in fact we think that it should be 100% FREE. So that’s what we did. Nectar HR rolled out the first complete self-service employee recognition platform that allows the everyday company from 2 employees – 2 million employees to access a powerful recognition platform. The Nectar platform includes eNPS surveys, Employee Perks, and Employee Recognition tools for every type of business.

How does this work?

Nectar is all about saving the consumers money. We do that by streamlining your recognition and reward software, take the following steps:
  1. Determine your current budget for monthly recognition to employees
  2. Make that your Nectar HR budget to use the software
  3. Launch Nectar HR to all your employees and watch as they recognize one another for achievements and small daily acts
  4. Here comes the money saver – employees redeem points for gift cards from a selection of hundreds of top brands.
So, what are the results? 

Kathy isn’t going to the store for gift cards every week and she doesn’t have 20 unused gift cards to cracker barrel stashed in her desk wasting away. Kathy instead manages the points per employee budget and gets employee feedback from the employee net promoter score from the survey she sends out. Kathy can now give you insight into which employees are the most productive, and fit the company values in the best way. You save money because you aren’t buying gift cards that no one wants or uses. Your employees are more productive because they are being recognized on a daily basis from both their peers and managers. Turnover drops and everyone is happy. So, what is the result? General happiness.

Is it worth it?

People pay millions a year to keep their employees happy. We are offering to save you time and money by using a streamlined, easy-to-use, all-in-one platform. Yes, it is worth it, and its FREE. 

Visit: Nectar HR to find out more

Build a culture people are proud of without breaking the bank

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