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More than engagement surveys

Make data-driven improvements by providing employees an avenue to voice their ideas or concerns through automated pulse surveys that are ready for you to send right away.

Ready-made pulse surveys

Ready-made pulse surveys

No need to come up with your own survey questions around engagement or how to measure responses, we’ve done that for you. Just set your survey frequency and you’re ready to launch your first campaign!

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

You capture Net Promoter Scores for your customers, why not do the same for employees? This one question is a powerful way to get a snapshot of employee morale. Send out a periodic eNPS survey and start keeping a pulse on your culture.

Anonymous Messenger

Anonymous Messenger

Give employees a safe internal channel to voice suggestions or concerns so they don’t end up on Glassdoor. Survey responses are organized into an inbox where you can respond back in a private message to drill down on certain topics & issues while maintaining anonymity.

Custom Questions

Custom Questions

Coming soon! Though our current surveys are ready-made to save you time, there are scenarios where you’d probably like to ask your own questions. That feature is on its way!

Pulse SurveysPulse SurveysPulse SurveysPulse Surveys

Why use Nectar for your engagement surveys?

Data-driven improvement

Pinpoint strengths, weaknesses & opportunities so you know where to double down, make changes or implement new things to drive growth.

Uncover blindspots

Organizational blindspots can fester and negatively affect key areas of the business. Uncover & identify these blindspots so they can be addresses appropriately.

Preset, relevant questions

We worked with HR thought leaders to create 40 questions across multiple key engagement drivers & measured on a 5 point scale.

Engagement & eNPS scores

Get an employee engagement score based on the average scores of each individual key driver. See how this score or your eNPS score change over time.

Choose frequency

Decide how frequently you'd like to send out pulses. You can do weekly, every other week, or every month. eNPS surveys can be sent whenever you'd like.

100% anonymous

Anonymity is vital in order for employees to feel safe in providing honest, candid feedback.

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