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Drive engagement, build camaraderie, and bring unsung heros to light with value-based recognition.

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Employee Recognition ❤️ Software People

Our customers love us because we help them love theirs! Yes, that's a mouthful.

Nectar customer Amy CNectar Customer Amy C

Nectar has been wonderful. I’ve been with my company for many years and this is the BEST recognition program we’ve ever had. It's such an easy way to recognize peers who have gone above and beyond. Our old system was more cumbersome and people wouldn't bother taking the time. Immediately I noticed people who didn't use the old system are using Nectar.”

Amy C
Operations Support
Software Solutions Unlimited
Nectar G2 High Performer
Nectar Top vendor award
Nectar Capterra Shortlist
Nectar Software Advice frontrunner
nectar Get app Leaders
nectar Get app Leaders

Meet Nectar 👋

Nectar's 360 recognition & rewards platform is the glue that keeps your team connected and engaged no matter where you work.

Promote a positive work environment by enabling everyone in your organization to join in on employee recognition that’s rooted in core values. Nectar’s 360 recognition & rewards platform supports both top down and peer recognition.

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Nectar's has the most robust rewards suite, allowing employees to choose from Amazon items, branded swag, digital gift cards and more.

Nectar reward options including gift cards, amazon items, swag and more

Centralize your incentives with company or department-specific awards. Browse & choose from commonly used award types or create your own.

Nectar awards shoutouts

Challenges motivate employees to do things that increase their effectiveness and align with your organizational goals. Incentivize wellness initiatives, learning & development, goals & OKRS or serving in the community.

Company wellness challenges and trainings

Set your birthday and work anniversary bonuses on an automated schedule so you never miss a special event.

Birthday and Work anniversary recognition

Offer easy access to thousands exclusive employee discounts across the country including local restaurants, Disneyland, Six Flags, Airbnb & more to help your people save money.

Corporate discounts

Seamless integrations with your other software

Nectar connects with all your other tools to create a smooth experience.

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Nectar integrations including slack, teams and all HRIS systems

Send recognition directly from Slack or Teams

Don't want to constantly login to another software? Send shoutouts straight from your Slack or Microsoft Teams environments.

Nectar Slack integrationNectar Teams integration

Fair Billing

Don't pay for people that aren't using Nectar. No long contracts or implementation fees.

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  • Pay per active user
  • Month to month
  • No Implementation fees


  • Pay per seat
  • Lengthy contracts
  • Implementation fees