Offer employees the rewards they want.

Nectar includes 5 reward options: A direct Amazon integration, a robust catalog of gift cards, branded company swag, donations to charity, plus custom rewards that you design.
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Nectar Employee Rewards
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Nectar integration with Amazon Business
Amazon Business integration

Choose from the Amazon Business product catalog directly inside of Nectar.

Nectar is one of Amazon Businesses’ exclusive partners, meaning you can now offer Amazon Businesses' entire array of products as part of your rewards program.


Access to hundreds of gift cards

Nectar has a catalog of gift cards to the most popular brands, stores, and restaurants all over the world.

Employees can redeem a gift card, and have it sent directly to their email for immediate use.

Employee rewards gift cards
Employee rewards company swag

Company branded swag available on-demand

Employees can browse the swag catalog and choose the size/color that they prefer.

Items are then shipped directly to their doorstep.

Don't worry about stacking boxes of unused T-shirts in the storage closet anymore.


Create unlimited custom rewards

Every company is different. Nectar helps you create a selection of customized rewards unique to your situation.

Whether it's tickets to a local sporting event or going out to lunch with the CEO, you can add it as a custom option.

Custom employee rewards
Donate employee rewards

Donate your Nectar points to a charity or non-profit

Employees will always have an option to donate their points to a variety of reputable charities.

Bonus Reward: Discounts
(no points needed)

Employee discounts
Employees simply enter in their Zip Code and they can use discounts to a wide variety of businesses in their area.