Make employee recognition simple & frequent.

Incentivize recognition with Nectar points, encourage meaningful shoutouts, and see employees live your company core values daily.
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Why do you need employee recognition?

Lack of recognition is one of the top reported reasons for employee turnover.

Employees want to be recognized for hard work from their leaders and peers.

of customers see an increase in employee engagement
of customers say Nectar helped maintain a healthy remote work culture
of customers see an increase in employee morale

How to send a shoutout

See your employees send shoutouts to each other every day in the Nectar feed.

Tag someone to shout out

Write a personal message

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Add on Nectar points

Nectar points can be saved up by employees, and redeemed for rewards.
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Attach a company core value

Operationalize your core values so that people have them top of mind every single day.

Hit 'Give Points'!

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