Service Awards & Birthdays on Autopilot

Involve more employees on milestone celebrations, while taking the manual error out of it.
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Nectar Automated Milestone Awards
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Stop the headache of manually doing anniversary gifts.

Schedule each anniversary award by gifting Nectar points

Employees can use the points in a way that is meaningful to them (gift card, Amazon, donation, etc).

Automatically post in the social feed so co-workers can pile on the praise

Co-workers can pile on more points, and give more recognition for the special event.

Nectar Anniversary Setup
Nectar Anniversary Shoutout
Nectar Birthday Setup
Nectar Birthday Shoutout

Never forget another Birthday shoutout.

Set up automated Birthday shoutouts and point rewards

In just a couple of minutes, create a Birthday award that will never miss a special day.

Give Managers a heads up on milestones

Nectar's internal calendar makes sure managers are always aware of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries on their teams.
Milestons calendar for managers

Sync Milestones from your
HRIS System

Don't see yours here? No problem. We can sync with just about anything.
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