Nectar and SHRM announce strategic partnership for employee recognition and rewards
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Employee Recognition Software

Create a culture
people won't want
to leave.

Recognize great work, increase engagement, promote core values, and redeem rewards ─ all in one simple employee recognition platform.

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Here's why thousands of companies
are looking at recognition software.
Employee Recognition is the quickest and easiest way to improve employee:
But it's not just doing employee recognition. It's how you do it.

Employee Recognition is changing

Birthday Gifts
Service Awards
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All of 1.0
Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Tied to Core Values
Meaningful Rewards

Why are companies
shifting to 2.0?

Because the employee lifecycle needs a frequent,
beating pulse of recognition.

Without frequency and participation, employee
engagement and retention both suffer.
Low Frequency
Low Participation
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High Frequency
High Participation
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Engage and Retain with Nectar

Send Shoutouts

Allow managers and employees to recognize and celebrate great work by sending meaningful shoutouts during the day.

Include Company Core Values

Operationalize your core values and make them part of the company DNA.

Attach Nectar Points

Incentivize frequent recognition with Nectar points that can be redeemed for meaningful rewards.
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Amazon Product Catalog

Let employees search for and order anything they could possibly want through Nectar's Amazon integration.

Gift Cards

Choose from hundreds of gift cards in a robust global catalog where everyone can find something they enjoy.

Company-branded Swag

Let employees order company-branded swag that ships directly to their doorstep from our swag partners.
Nectar Rewards Catalog

Automate Work Anniversaries

Automatically send custom shoutouts and points to team members who reach a certain work anniversary.

Never Miss Another Birthday

Schedule birthday shoutouts and points to be posted on every employee's birthday.

HRIS Integration

Integrate Nectar with your HRIS system to fully automate the milestones and never miss an important date.
Nectar Automated Milestones

Create any custom challenge

Wellness activities, feedback surveys, and any other company initiative can be created as challenges.

Require admin approval, or auto-approve

Employees complete challenges and earn Nectar points to use for rewards.
Custom Challenges with Nectar

Know who is and isn't being recognized

Nectar's robust reporting allows admins to have insight into which individuals and teams are seeing frequent shoutouts.

See what challenges are most popular

See which challenges are the most popular, plus which core values are most frequently included in shoutouts.

Manager-level Analytics

See how well each manager is recognizing members of their team, plus give managers access to their team analytics.
Nectar Analytics
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Nectar Review from Lisa

"Nectar improves culture and creates a sense of positive team momentum in the work place"
- Lisa L., Onboarding Manager

Nectar Review from Erica

"Nectar is a great rewards program that helps you recognize colleagues who have gone above and beyond."
- Erica R.

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Send recognition directly from Slack or Teams

Don't want to constantly login to another software? Send shoutouts straight from your Slack or Microsoft Teams environments.

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Nectar Slack integrationNectar Teams integration