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How Statista Inc. Uses Nectar To Become People-First And Reduce Turnover By 29%

Amanda Cross

Statista is a market and consumer data company that uses millions of statistics to empower small businesses and large corporations with valuable insights. With over 100 employees, Statista Inc. (the United States office of the company) was searching for a way to better its culture and promote a positive work environment through recognition.

Since using Nectar, Statista Inc. has seen some stellar results, including a 93% usage rate of the Nectar platform and a 29% reduction in turnover from 2021 to 2022. In a six-month period, they were also able to send 655 shoutouts and 453 comments on those shoutouts. Talk about an engaged workforce! So, how did they make these results happen?

Challenge: Taking Steps Toward Becoming A People-First Company

Before using Nectar, Justine Tiger and Xheni Meci (People leaders at Statista Inc.)  were dealing with a few specific pain points:

Becoming People First

One of Statista Inc.’s primary challenges was creating a culture that reflected how they wanted to be seen by their team and potential employees. Tiger and Meci wanted the company to be known as a people-first organization, but they needed the right tools and policies to earn that distinction.

Dealing With A Hybrid Work Environment

As with many organizations, Statista Inc. became hybrid during the pandemic. As employees spent less time in the office, creating a better culture became essential for the company.

Promoting Cross Team Collaboration

Next, based on the team structure, employees were split across different industries and verticals. While these splits were necessary, it didn’t always lead to cross-team collaboration. They needed a solution to help people get to know each other and build community.

Cleaning Up Notifications And Email Inboxes

Before Statista Inc. implemented a recognition system, most recognition happened in the form of reply-all threads to booking emails. Unfortunately, this had a few faults:

  • Employees were only receiving sales-related recognition.
  • Reply-all emails clogged everyone’s inboxes.

They needed a solution that would open up recognition and streamline notifications.

Handling Gifting Across The Organization

As your team grows, handling gifting is going to become more complex. Giving employees the option to choose what excites them was another goal for the Statista Inc. team.

Statista employees posing together

Solution: Implementing Nectar And Specific HR Policy Changes

As the leadership change happened in 2022, Statista Inc. made some significant adjustments to become a people-first organization and reduce employee churn by 29%.

The biggest and most transformational change Statista Inc. made was implementing an employee recognition platform.

“I’ve never worked at a company where they had employee recognition tools, so I did the research and Nectar popped up as the number one solution,” shared Meci.

After connecting with our team, Statista Inc. was able to implement Nectar successfully and even take advantage of our Amazon and swag store integrations.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Tiger and Meci also made a few updates to HR policies and their people experience to make an impact on the company:

  • Increased company health insurance coverage by 5%.
  • Updated the paternal leave policy.
  • Added floating holidays.
  • Revamped the onboarding process and spread it out over eight weeks.

Success: Investing In A Platform That Has Become A Part Of The Office Lingo

Nectar has given the company a renewed sense of community. With a 93% usage rate, people log into the platform often. Nectar is helping them hit many of their initial goals, like cleaning up their email inboxes, building culture while hybrid, and making gifting easier.

“If anybody really wants to see how much a company uses Nectar, just look at our numbers. We have a 93% Nectar utilization rate, and the rest of the 7% is new hires that just started,” comments Tiger.

Nectar is a part of the everyday conversation at Statista Inc. Tiger and Meci are always finding ways to integrate Nectar into their company culture. From game nights to random office tasks, employees and leaders are finding ways to award Nectar points to employees.

“We use Nectar points as a game and as our form of currency,” shares Justine Tiger, “Nectar points are a great incentive and a way to gamify tasks and projects to increase employee engagement. Monthly challenges and custom rewards are also being utilized.”

Statista employees enjoying a game night.

Nectar has also helped the team with some of their policy changes. Since new employees are added to Nectar immediately, the software gives a kickstart to the onboarding process.

“We’ve integrated Nectar into our onboarding process, so that new joinees can start using it right off the bat,” adds Meci.

Using a new software can seem daunting at first, but it can be easier than you think. Meci suggests that companies with a strong focus on their people can be successful with the Nectar platform:

“As long as people are focused in on the people, you can definitely make Nectar fit into your culture and the company you have,” shares Meci.

About Statista

Statista managed to establish itself as a leading provider of market and consumer data. Over 1,300 visionaries, experts and doers continuously reinvent Statista, thereby constantly developing successful new products and business models. consolidates statistical data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources, providing market, consumer, e-commerce insights, and more.

Industry: Market Research & Analysis

U.S. Headquarters: New York City

Statista logo

Do you want to create a people-first company culture like Statista Inc.? Request a demo of Nectar to see how we can help.

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