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15 Best Employee Wellness Software Solutions In 2024

Rebecca Noori
Last Updated December 29, 2023

There are hundreds of corporate wellness platforms in the market, contributing to an overall market size valued at $52 billion. With so much choice available, it can be challenging to find the right platform that suits your budget and your wellbeing goals while resonating with your team members. 

This guide provides a breakdown of 15 popular employee wellness tools in the market, complete with pricing, user reviews, and G2 scores to kickstart your research.

Top 15 Employee Wellness Software

In no particular order, here's a rundown of the 15 best employee wellness software options in the market to begin your research.

1. VantageFit

VantageFit offers a suite of employee wellness tools from a single platform. Workers can get involved in various multi-activity, theme-based health challenges to suit their needs. For example, some may participate in a stamina-building challenge, while others may feel drawn to adopting healthier habits for a month. The platform connects with a wide range of fitness trackers, devices, and wearables such as Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, and more to monitor challenge progress. 

Employees earn points for participating in wellness challenges, which they can redeem for various gift cards, merchandise, and experiences. Proud participants can also display non-monetary badges on their profile to acknowledge their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. 

Vantage Fit is trusted by customers such as Randstad, ESAF Small Finance Bank, and Landmark Group. 

G2 user reviews: The platform earns an overall G2 user score of 4.5 out of 5. It also earns 9 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 8.7 for Quality of Support, and 9 for Ease of Setup. Media activation executive Abhishek C. describes how they enjoy using the platform for calorie counting, “The calorie tracking feature allows you to log food intake and shows the calories of each food. It has a whole bunch of food items available. It helped me to stay in a calorie deficit, and I lost 5 kg in the 1st month.”

Pricing: Basic pricing is free for up to 10 users, then starts at $1 per user/week/challenge. Custom pricing is available for enterprise customers.

VantageFit dashboard

2. Wellable

Wellable offers a comprehensive employee wellness program designed to enhance employees' wellbeing through wellness challenges and continuous health monitoring. The platform offers individual wellness assessments for all employees, resulting in personalized recommendations to support seven aspects of wellbeing: physical health, stress, social connections, financial wellbeing, occupational engagement, sleep, and overall lifestyle. 

Fun, interactive wellness challenges are a huge part of the software, leaning on gamification to foster a competitive spirit between team members. With challenge leaderboards, a community chat forum, and curated reward options, it's easy to see why American Kennel Club, HSBC, Epsilon, and P&G employees engage with this corporate wellness solution. 

G2 user reviews: Wellable earns a G2 user score of 4.7 out of 5, achieving 9.2 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.5 for Quality of Support, and 8.9 for Ease of Setup. User Abigail B. describes why she enjoys using the platform. “Wellable has made it both pleasurable and engaging to track my exercise and related activity as it contributes to my personal health and wellbeing. The app is easy and fun to use, and I personally find it quite rewarding to have all my activity tracked in one place across all my synced devices. I love the supplemental content (webinars, educational articles, quizzes, etc.) and the intermittent "tips and tricks" notifications.”

Pricing: Self-directed packages start from $75 per month based on a minimum of 25 users, while full-service plans start from $1,000 per month based on 500 eligible employees.

Wellable dashboard and mobile app

3. Headspace For Work

Headspace For Work is a mindfulness and mental health platform used by corporate customers such as Pinterest, Adobe, Sephora, Ericsson, and BuzzFeed. Headspace aims to create happy, healthy, and resilient employees by providing access to meditations, mindfulness exercises, focus music, sleepcasts, and movement programs. And it works—after 30 days of using Headspace, 32% of employees experience less stress. 

Administrators can quickly evaluate wellbeing program engagement through various reporting and analytics tools, using filters such as wellness content type, depth of engagement, most popular courses, and enrollment statistics.

G2 user reviews: Headspace for Work achieves a G2 user score of 4.6 out of 5. The platform also receives 9.4 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.1 for Quality of Support, and 9.4 for Ease of Setup. Facilitator Zarina B. explains how Headspace is ideal for focus and relaxation: “Headspace allows me to be constantly mindful and focus on my work especially during a stressful day. It helps me unwind and relax to be more present at and outside of work.”

Pricing: Headspace offers a 14-day free trial, after which prices start from $7.50 per month, paid annually. Accurate custom pricing is available on request.

Headspace For Work employee offerings

4. Forma

Forma is an employee benefits platform offering customizable spending accounts where companies allow employees to choose their own perks and benefits. Employers can manage a full range of pre and post-tax accounts, spanning HRAs, HSAs, LSAs, and FSAs from a single dashboard. Instead of adding irrelevant benefits to your packages that your employees don’t want or use, companies can maximize every dollar they allocate to benefits.

Setting up involves defining your spending account type and eligible spending categories. For example, you might wish to give your employees access to expenses like gym memberships, workout classes, or meal subscription boxes. Employees choose their preferred benefits, and then Forma handles all claims processing, wellness provider partner relationships, user queries, analytics, and more. Forma customers Zoom, Dyson, Lululemon, Spotify, and New Balance all enjoy this approach to employee benefits.

G2 user reviews: Forma achieves a G2 user score of 4.8 out of 5. Reviewers also give it 9.7 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.7 for Quality of Support, and a perfect 10 for Ease of Setup. From the employee point of view, enterprise customer Joseph F. describes, "The best part about Forma is the flexibility that it provides you. You can use the card for several disparate health benefits (e.g., gym membership, healthy food, etc.). Additionally, the fact that you can switch what you choose to spend the stipend on quarter to quarter allows your benefits to evolve with your needs."

Pricing: Contact the vendor for accurate pricing.

Forma website and mobile app

5. Nectar

Nectar offers a suite of wellness tools that play an instrumental role in creating a workplace culture your employees won’t want to leave. Heineken, SHRM, Redfin, and Golden State Warriors are all huge fans of our platform.

Nectar website and mobile app

Our Challenges tool drives healthy behaviors by motivating teammates to participate in activities like setting a healthy sleep routine or walking 10,000 steps. It's also a great way to stay on top of preventative care by challenging employees to attend annual checkups or get flu shots.

Nectar helps employees stay abreast of their mental health, enabling companies to create challenges related to meditation, journaling, or booking therapy sessions. Our challenges tool is completely customizable, allowing employers to encourage behaviors that matter to the company. Here are 51 employee challenge ideas to get you started. Our Recognition tool also plays an enormous role in keeping employees motivated and healthy. Users send daily shoutouts to each other in the Nectar feed, attaching points to redeem for Rewards

A look at a Nectar challenge in action

G2 user reviews: Nectar achieves a G2 user score of 4.7 out of 5. The platform also achieves 9.5 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.6 for Quality of Support, and 9.4 for Ease of Setup. 

Nectar achieves glowing reviews on G2, including Elizabeth M., who describes the buzz of encouragement she receives when using Recognition. “It's a positive, affirming moment when I see someone has taken the time to recognize my efforts. Life is hard enough, and the job difficult, so any little dopamine boost is a win.”

Similarly, Amy A., highlights how Nectar is a great fit for improving mindful communication in distributed teams. “Working remotely requires emotional intelligence and mindfulness; you don't walk by people in physical proximity, so you need to choose to check in with your colleagues. Nectar is wonderful because it encourages this behavior, and it also encourages positive feedback—which can be easy to miss. For people who aren't naturally used to this type of mindful communication, Nectar is an especially useful tool because over time it encourages people to build good communication habits, which are especially important in a remote work environment.”

Pricing: Nectar's standard plan starts at $2.75 per user/mo, while the Plus plan starts from $4 per user/mo and includes the Challenges feature. All customers can pay on a monthly basis for convenience and can also benefit from multi-year contract discounts. There are zero implementation fees when getting started with Nectar.

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6. YuMuuv

YuMuuv is a team wellness challenge app used by customers such as Salesforce, Manpower, and Rakuten Viber. Employers can encourage employees to adopt healthy habits by setting up steps, sleep, plank, water drinking, or cycling challenges. Every individual can see an overview of their daily activity, accelerating progress.

YuMuuv users can also set up their own challenges and invite up to 10 people to join the fun. The platform is available in 32 languages worldwide and integrates with a wide range of fitness devices. 

G2 user reviews: YuMuuv achieves an overall G2 score of 4.5 out of 5. It scores 9 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.3 for Quality of Support, and 9.5 for Ease of Setup. CEO Peter F. says, “The app is intuitive and fun, easy to set up, and works reliably across various health tracker platforms. We also like the fact that there is an option for manual data entry for those who are not comfortable with wearing health trackers.”

Pricing: YuMuuv's annual wellness challenges are for a minimum of 20 users, priced at $3 per user/mo. Alternatively, you can pay for one-time projects with challenge lengths of 45 to 90 days, starting from $499 per project. YuMuuv's pricing page offers a handy calculator to determine the actual budget.

YuMuuv mobile application

7. Wellness360

Wellness360 offers an end-to-end health and wellness solution for corporate clients like St. Elizabeth Healthcare and OpHealth Benefits. The platform’s social hub connects employees for peer support and accountability, while team challenges center on nutrition, exercise, improved mental health, and lifestyle balance. Companies can choose from Wellness360’s library of predefined challenges or customize their own.

On an individual level, employees take health risk assessments and benefit from coaching along their health journey to ensure they’re working toward relevant wellbeing goals. 

G2 user reviews: Wellness360 achieves a G2 user review score of 4.9 out of 5. It scores 9.8 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.9 for Quality of Support, and 9.7 for Ease of Setup. User Jane W. highlights what she enjoyed about using the platform. “Wellness360 has a well-organized flow to all its wellness program activities. Be it the onboarding activities and assessments, to registering and participating in challenges, everything was smooth and well-planned. Also, the rewards redemption process is simple and encourages us to participate and complete our challenges and activities.”

Pricing: Wellness360 offers a free trial. Accurate pricing for its paid plans are available from the vendor.

Wellness360 wellness challenges

8. Sprout

Sprout, part of the Telus Health family, is a health and wellness technology platform driven by machine learning and cognitive behavioral science to inspire, engage, and educate employees. Sprout users from companies such as Phoenix Contact, McKesson, US Lumbers, BC Ferries, and more can view information-packed content about making healthy choices, committing to fitness, and participating in community challenges to supercharge their health and wellness.

Sprout also offers preventative risk assessments to reduce the risk of users developing type II diabetes by 52% compared to North Americans of the same age and gender. With real-time activity tracking and biometric screening, Sprout may predict the chance of employees developing chronic diseases so they can seek appropriate support and guidance.

G2 user reviews: Sprout achieves a G2 user score of 5 out of 5; however, it’s worth mentioning that this is only based on four reviews so far. Joanna Marra from CAA Club Group reviews, “The team at Sprout has continued to support our Associates with resources, how-to videos, and challenges to keep us all accountable. In our first quarter this year, we doubled our engagement and are extremely proud and grateful.”

Pricing: Accurate pricing is available from the vendor.

Sprout desktop and mobile application

9. Limeade

Limeade is a wellness platform that infuses healthy practices into work for customers like Penn Medicine, Bosch, and Nielsen. Limeade uses intelligent dashboards that display employee engagement data and provide vital insights for employers about the risk of burnout and attrition. The platform is also personalized, delivering relevant notifications to employees at the right time, for example, reminding employees to schedule their next dental appointment.

G2 user reviews: Limeade achieves an average G2 user score of 4.4 out of 5. It also achieves 8.8 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 8.9 for Quality of Support, and 8.6 for Ease of Setup. An enterprise user says, “Limeade allows our employees to find ways to support their well-being wherever they are on their own journey. Employees choose what is meaningful to them and are, therefore, more inclined to stay engaged. Limeade also supports employee business/resource groups, DE&I, and other internal groups or organizations, which further enhances the employee experience.”

Pricing: Contact the vendor for accurate pricing information.

Limeade desktop and mobile app

10. Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is a digital health and wellbeing solution that customers such as Visa, ExxonMobil, and Bayer use. The platform is available in 21 languages for global customers and is accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Members can cultivate healthy habits through goal-setting and participating in health and wellness challenges to win rewards.

Virgin Pulse also offers a wealth of educational materials on wellbeing topics like parenting, grief and loss, stress reduction, alcohol consumption, healthy sleep, diabetes, and productivity. 

G2 user reviews: Virgin Pulse achieves a G2 user score of 4.3 out of 5. It also receives 8.2 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 8.7 for Quality of Support, and 8.2 for Ease of Setup. G2 reviewer Cole L. says, “Virgin Pulse offers a range of tools and resources designed to promote healthy behaviors and engage employees in their well-being journey. One of the strengths of Virgin Pulse is its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. The platform is often praised for its simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible to employees with varying levels of technological proficiency.”

Pricing: Contact the vendor for accurate pricing information.

Virgin Pulse mobile app

11. Microsoft Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights is an employee experience platform that helps employers and teams drive engagement, productivity, wellbeing, collaboration, and learning.

Customers like Dell, Paypal, Blum, and Cricket Australia use the platform to enhance various aspects of the employee experience, such as engagement, productivity, wellbeing, collaboration, and learning. It provides insight and tools for focus and mindfulness that help organizations promote healthy work habits and foster a positive and productive work environment.

G2 user reviews: Viva Insights achieves a G2 overall score of 4.5 out of 5. It also receives 9.1 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.3 for Quality of Support, and 9.1 for Ease of Setup. Senior System Administrator Sourav S. describes why he enjoys the platform. “I would like to thank Microsoft for providing such a helpful tool. It alerts me 5 minutes before leaving my office, which heals my mind with its best music. It also reminds me what tasks and emails are pending before starting my day. It helps me to prioritize my day.”

Pricing: Viva Insights is available within Microsoft 365 plans. The entire Viva suite starts from $12 per user/mo.

Microsoft Viva Insights dashboard

12. Woliba

Woliba is an all-in-one wellness and employee experience platform boasting customers like Alera Group, Pure Insurance, and DHX. The tool takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, with key features including wellness and activity challenges, fitness programs, nutrition recipes, and heaps of wellness education resources.

Behind the scenes, Woliba integrates with tools you already know and love, including your preferred Calendar and Email programs, to ensure you never miss a wellbeing deadline. It's also easy to connect remote team members using Woliba's mobile intranet so everyone feels connected to your company's mission to be healthy.

G2 user reviews: Woliba achieves an overall G2 user score of 4.6 out of 5. It also receives 9.3 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.6 for Quality of Support, and 9.2 for Ease of Setup. Marketing and Communications user Katie B. explains what she enjoys about the platform. “Woliba helps to keep me on track with my daily workout and steps. It's also useful for new recipe ideas and education. The challenges are fun too because it uses gamification to encourage us to stay healthy."

Pricing: Woliba's core package is available from $5 per user/mo. Premium pricing starts from $6 per user/mo, and Enterprise plans start from $7 per user/mo.

Woliba dashboard

13. IncentFit

IncentFit is a flexible wellness benefits solution with customers like Blue Cross, Lending Club, and Casper. The platform is available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. Depending on your company's wellness priorities, you can choose from three set-it-and-forget-it wellness programs based on your budget. At the lower end of the scale, expect access to a health content library, personalized goal-setting, and biometric data collection. Enterprise customers will benefit from advanced administrative controls to automate successful wellness programs at scale.

G2 user reviews: IncentFit achieves a G2 user score of 4.4 out of 5. It also receives 8.6 out of 10 for Ease of Use and 8.7 for Quality of Support. An enterprise user describes their experience of using IncentFit. “Easy and intuitive way to expense and track wellness costs. UI is very simple and aesthetic—easy to follow. Makes it very easy to simply hop on and expense items or receipts.”

Pricing: IncentFit offers three plans: Launch, Engage, and CompleteHealth. The price you pay for each will depend on your number of employees. For example, the Launch plan is $150 for up to 99 employees, but further discounts apply at scale. A calculator is available for an accurate quote on the company's pricing page.

IncentFit desktop application

14. Unmind

Unmind is a science-backed platform that uses clinical, organizational, and positive psychology to empower individual employees in a way they'll respond to. For leaders, Unmind offers powerful data-led insights to measure the impact of wellbeing on the company over time. The platform also provides empathy training for managers to equip them with the skills to build and lead high-performing teams. 

For employees, Unmind provides ongoing access to on-demand well-being support, mental health coaching, therapy, and crisis support in the case of an accident or emergency. Unmind counts Uber, Disney, Samsung, Diageo, and British Airways among its customers.

G2 user reviews: Unmind achieves a G2 user score of 4.7 out of 5. It also receives 9.1 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.3 for Quality of Support, and 9.6 for Ease of Setup. G2 reviewer Jason P. describes, “It's a platform that allows overall health and well-being for our people. It's intuitive and is more than traditional mental health support. Being able to choose a practitioner for talk and having unlimited access is groundbreaking.” 

Pricing: Contact the vendor for accurate pricing.

Unmind mobile application

15. Starling Minds 

Starling Minds is a mental wellbeing platform offering digital cognitive behavioral therapy to support employees and managers in dealing with everyday challenges. Employees may access support 24/7 to combat stress, anxiety, and depression; Starling Minds also provides tiered support by identifying individuals requiring more intensive intervention. Return-to-health support is available to give employees the confidence to cope once they resume their regular workload.

Starling Minds counts First Primary Care, BCTF, Fraser Health, and Work Safe BC among its customers. Management users of their corporate wellness tools are also trained to lead with empathy and identify individuals needing mental health support. 

Pricing: Contact the vendor for accurate pricing.

Starling Minds welcome back message

What Is Employee Wellness Software?

Employee wellness software, or corporate wellness software, allows companies to manage and improve employee health and wellness. Instead of relying on email chains, forms, and paper trails, companies use cloud-based software to track health metrics, promote healthier habits, provide access to health education, and much more. 

With the right tools, it's possible to increase team engagement and productivity while reducing healthcare costs for their business. Here are some of the features you might expect from employee wellness software. Based on your budget and needs, you can pick if a software needs to meet some or all of these criteria to be a contender for your organization.

Team Wellness Challenges And Competitions

The platform may allow employers to create or promote challenges encouraging employees to engage in healthy behaviors. This can also foster camaraderie and a healthy competitive spirit. 

Incentives And Rewards

Some corporate wellness programs incorporate a rewards system to motivate participation. Healthy employees earn points, discounts, or other incentives for completing wellness activities or hitting milestones.

Social Interaction

Features like shoutout feeds, chat forums, discussion boards, and community groups allow employees to connect while pursuing similar wellness goals.

Personalized Wellness Plans

Based on information gathered from individual health assessments, the software generates individual plans, including exercise routines, dietary recommendations, stress management techniques, and more.

Activity Tracking

Many wellness software solutions integrate with wearable devices or smartphone apps to track employees' physical activities, such as steps taken, calories burned, and active minutes. Employers may use this data to monitor progress and encourage healthy habits.

Mental Wellbeing Support

Employee wellness platforms may include resources and tools for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. This could include guided meditation sessions, relaxation techniques, and access to mental health professionals such as coaches and therapists.

Educational Resources

Employees may wish to access a library of articles, videos, or other health and wellness content to make informed decisions about their well-being. 

Data Analytics And Reporting

Employers can access critical data to assess the overall wellness of their workforce. This information enables them to tailor their wellness initiatives and address specific needs.

Why Is Employee Wellness Important?

Employee wellbeing isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a business imperative. Great Place to Work reports that only 52% of US employees working at a typical company think it’s a psychologically and emotionally healthy workplace. This contrasts with 83% of employees working for organizations on the 2023 Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For list. 

Here are some key reasons why employers should invest in their workers' health and wellbeing to achieve business success:

Manager Retention

42% of middle managers plan to quit their roles in the next year due to workplace stress and anxiety. When employers support their managers and provide actionable strategies to help them relax, focus, and deal with the everyday stresses of leading a team, this will improve retention, reduce recruitment costs, and boost company culture.

Enhance Engagement and Productivity

When employees feel physically and mentally well, they can focus effectively, make better decisions, and sustain their energy levels throughout the day. Virgin Pulse reports that organizations with strong support for health and wellbeing have 57% lower stress and 36% higher engagement than those without.

Reduced Stress 

In Gallup's 2023 State of the Workplace Report, 44% of employees reported experiencing high stress levels the previous day. This continues a trend of elevated stress that began almost a decade ago. The report acknowledges that while leaders and managers cannot change external sources of stress, such as economic inflation or family health issues, they can significantly reduce overall stress in workers' lives. 

Chronic stress leads to burnout, decreased job satisfaction, and worker absenteeism. However, wellness initiatives that teach stress management techniques and encourage work-life balance help employees cope with the demands of their roles to become more productive, innovative, and collaborative at work.

Positive Company Culture

Prioritizing employee wellness sends a strong message about an organization's values and commitment to its workforce. This contributes to a positive company culture of care, respect, and employee wellbeing. Our Nectar survey of 800 US employees found that 93.5% of people would stay at a company for 5+ years if the culture were great, which is vital for developing a positive employer brand and keeping employee turnover low.

Why is employee wellness important infographic

Embrace Employee Wellness With Nectar 

We’ve reached the end of our list of best employee wellness software. If you’re interested in exploring all that Nectar has to offer, here’s a quick recap of how your employees’ wellness will benefit from the following tools:

  • Challenge: Create personalized challenges for employees based on your organization's health and fitness goals.
  • Recognition: Deliver praise and shoutouts to coworkers via the Nectar feed to foster team spirit, promote positive mental health, celebrate challenge successes, and ensure everyone feels included. 
  • Rewards: Incentivize employees for excellent work and participation in wellbeing activities by giving Nectar points they can redeem for Amazon products, gift cards, charity donations, branded company swag, and custom rewards. 
  • Milestone: Celebrate important dates like service anniversaries and birthdays on autopilot to ensure high employee morale. 

Nectar integrates with numerous tools in your tech stack, including BambooHR, Gusto, and Rippling to automate user management, Okta and GSuite for SSO, and Slack or Teams for chat and collaboration. 

See how Nectar could revolutionize your workplace wellness by booking a free, no-obligation demo with our team.

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