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Internal Communications Software: 15 Top Tools To Stay Connected In 2024

Rebecca Noori
Last Updated March 29, 2024

If you've ever searched a never-ending email chain for a specific nugget of intel or been locked in a real-time meeting you didn't need to attend, you'll know that companies can struggle with internal communication. Whether you're being spammed daily or feel left out of the loop, achieving the right communication balance isn't easy.

Luckily, there are numerous internal communications software solutions available to ensure the right people receive the right message every time. This guide explores 15 top comms tools leading the way for better collaboration and information sharing within organizations.

Top 15 Internal Communications Software Platforms

In no particular order, here are fifteen internal communications tools that might be a good fit for your organization:

1. Workvivo

Workvivo was acquired by Zoom in April 2023 and is supported by customers like Amazon, Virgin, and Telus International. Its communication platform uses robust features like personalized activity feeds, live video streaming for town halls, critical communication tools, and built-in podcasting capabilities to allow for easy collaboration and engagement within an organization.

The platform also auto-translates into 90 languages, so you can always convert important company content into your employee's native language.


G2 rating: Workvivo scores 4.9 out of 5 from the G2 software community, earning 9.6 out of 10 for each of the following categories: Ease of Use, Ease of Admin, and Quality of Support.

Enterprise user Vidya P. explains their experience using the tool over several years: “Workvivo is one of the most powerful social networking platforms for keeping employees connected to each other. I work for Amazon and I have been using this platform for more than 3 years. My team uses Workvivo to connect with each other once a week. The connection activity is provided by our manager and we all actively participate. We do share our pictures and videos which is liked by other team members.”

Pricing: Workvivo offers a Business Plan for 100-2,000 employees and an Enterprise plan for larger headcounts. Accurate pricing is available from the vendor.

2. ContactMonkey

ContactMonkey is an internal email software that enables companies to send meaningful messages to their employees and track how they engage with them. The platform includes an email template builder to craft beautiful messages and integrates with Outlook and Gmail if they're already in your tech stack.

ContactMonkey's feedback features allow employees to respond to email messages using surveys, emoji reactions, like buttons, star ratings, and more. Whether sending a regular employee newsletter or a critical company announcement, you'll receive insights on how your workforce has responded to your content. ContactMonkey counts Ikea, Toyota, and KPMG among its customer base.


G2 rating: ContactMonkey receives 4.5 out of 5 with the G2 software community. The platform scores 8.7 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.1 for Ease of Admin, and 9.2 for Quality of Support. 

Communications Project Management Consultant Karen R. explains her experience using the tool: “The best part of ContactMonkey for me is the ease of putting together and designing emails that are easy to read and scan, visually pleasing, and very professional looking. Learning to use the tool was easy and the final product always looks great—clean and so professional. It's also great for people like me who are not necessarily well-versed in tech. Many of us in internal comms are primarily communicators, writers & editors, so it's a pleasure to use a platform that is easy and intuitive to navigate. Also great for reporting to senior execs and seeing what's working and what's not at a glance."

Pricing: ContactMonkey offers three packages—Essential, Plus, and Enterprise. Contact the vendor for an accurate quote.

3. Cerkl Broadcast

Cerkl Broadcast offers a full suite of internal communication solutions for companies like Citrix, Paycor, the University of Cincinnati, and St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Powered by the MyNews engine, Cerkl Broadcast allows organizations to segment audiences so they only receive relevant content across multiple channels, including email, mobile apps, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Cerkl Broadcast

G2 rating: Cerkl scores 4.5 out of 5 from the G2 user community, with 8.9 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.4 for Ease of Admin, and 9.4 for Quality of Support. Internal Communications Manager 

Ashley K. describes a major advantage of the platform: “Cerkl Broadcast brought siloed internal communications teams together on one platform so that we can see cumulative analytics, have a consistent branding/look, and target employees with the content that is most meaningful to them.”

Pricing: Cerkl's Broadcast pricing starts at $799 per month, with a 20% extra charge for the mobile package.

4. Simpplr

Simpplr is a modern employee experience platform loved by companies such as DocuSign, Okta, World Economic Forum, SoFi, and Penske. It offers multi-channel communication, enabling organizations to reach their workforces via mobile, chat, desktop, email, and digital displays.

For inspiration, AI can draft announcements and produce content in a flash. But if you need to bring your content to life, Simpplr offers built-in video creation, including hosting, management, transcription, and file sharing.


G2 rating: Simpplr achieves 4.7 out of 5 with the G2 user community, scoring 9.4 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.0 for Ease of Admin, and 9.4 for Quality of Support.

A mid-market user in pharmaceuticals speaks highly of the platform: “Simpplr has been a complete transformation of our internal communication capabilities and we love the capabilities it offers for bringing employees together, for sharing information seamlessly, and for helping employees to get what they need quickly. Simpplr's sleek UI is easy and fun, too!”

Pricing: Simpplr offers volume-based pricing. Contact the vendor for an accurate quote.

5. Nectar

Nectar is a rewards and recognition platform loved by SHRM, Heineken, Redfin, and Golden State Warriors, who use it as a space for coworkers to exchange meaningful shoutouts.

Individually, peers might acknowledge each other's hard work, milestones, or excellence in a team challenge. However, Nectar's group give feature also allows managers or leaders to send mass messages to employees with the option to attach redeemable reward points. For example, you might send your entire sales team praise and 50 Nectar points to acknowledge their collaborative efforts toward a great win. Or you might send your entire company a holiday message or celebratory shoutout at the end of the year.

Nectar integrates with several popular tech stack tools, such as Slack, GChat, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams, so you can reach your workers where they're already spending their time.


G2 rating: Nectar achieves 4.7 out of 5 in the G2 user community, with 9.5 out of 10 for Ease of Use, Quality of Support, and Ease of Admin.

Small business user Carol B expresses what she enjoys about Nectar: “I love how Nectar has boosted gratitude for others within our office and the opportunities to build connection, show thoughtfulness, and feel appreciated. It is easy to use and only takes a minute or two to send out points and integrates with our internal communication over Slack.”

Similarly, mid-market user Jill A. loves using Nectar frequently: "I love showing appreciation to all my coworkers, even in different departments. The shoutouts let everyone know their efforts don't go unnoticed. Nectar is a fantastic way to share gratitude and has several features to help guide you through the site. Since I was hired, I have used it every day, and I will continue to brighten my colleague's day with appreciation for their assistance and the work they do. I believe it helps bridge the gap and opens up communication with the entire office."

Pricing: Nectar's Standard plan starts at $2.75 per user/mo billed annually. The Plus plan starts at $4 per user/mo and includes the Challenges feature, company branding, and a dedicated account manager. Custom pricing is also available for organizations that need multiple languages, offline reward cards, and a nominations program. Nectar doesn't charge any implementation fees.

6. Staffbase

Staffbase is trusted by companies like Samsung, Aldi, Sephora, and DHL. These companies use the collaboration software as an internal communications toolkit containing an intranet, apps, emails, and Microsoft 365 integrations.

The platform automatically surfaces content related to specific employee milestones such as onboarding, change communication, role changes, and more. After you've distributed your messages, Staffbase also provides insights on visibility, engagement, sentiment, and alignment to take the pulse of your people continuously.


G2 rating: Staffbase receives 4.6 out of 5 from the G2 user community, scoring 9.4 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.2 for Ease of Admin, and 9.4 for Quality of Support.

This enterprise telecommunications user breaks down what they love about the product: “Staffbase offers an impressive array of features, empowering organizations to craft engaging and informative employee experiences. Overall, Staffbase is a top-notch choice for enhancing internal communications and employee engagement.”

Pricing: Staffbase offers Starter, Business, and Enterprise pricing. Accurate quotes are available from the vendor on request.

7. Workshop

Workshop is a popular internal email tool boasting clients like Aston Martin, Harper Collins, Papa John, and FastMed. The software promises to replace any other internal email tool you use while integrating with numerous business communication tools. Workshop is based on four tasks: creating, sending, managing, and measuring emails—and it accomplishes this by using drag-and-drop templates, automatic list management features, and analytics tools.


G2 rating: Workshop scores 4.9 out of 5 with the G2 user community. So far, they only have a handful of reviews at the time of writing.

Mid-market user Katie D. reports: “Workshop is the employee communication tool we were looking for. One of the best things is the ability to segment audiences. When we used Workshop for benefits open enrollment, we could target specific populations, such as folks who had an HSA or an FSA to remind them of any extra steps needed to take in the enrollment process.”

Pricing: Workshop offers a Basic pricing plan, which starts at $250 per month. Enhanced and Premium plans are calculated based on the number of employees or recipients you'll send emails to, how many users will create emails, and the key features and integrations you need. Enterprise pricing is also available for larger organizations.

8. Haystack

Haystack offers a modern intranet to engage employees from companies like BuzzFeed, NerdWallet, Novo, and Chime. Its no-code custom branding and modular design make it easy to set up your own digital headquarters, packed with the resources and information your teams need. Haystack comes with built-in sharing tools so your employees can find what they're looking for, whether that be your employee handbook, health and safety policies, or new hire orientation. Haystack also has a built-in org chart with employee bios and contact details.


G2 rating: Haystack receives 4.7 out of 5 from the G2 user community, with 9.6 out of 10 for Ease of Setup, 9.3 for Ease of Admin, and 9.5 for Quality of Support.

Mid-market user Bill W describes the platform's user-friendliness: “Haystack is a great place to have a central hub for internal communications and information. The presentation is clean, it is easy to use, and it's an awesome starting off point for new employees to find information.”

Pricing: Haystack's pricing is available on request from the vendor. Discounts are available for larger organizations.

9. PeopleOne

PeopleOne offers a private network for collaboration, knowledge sharing, team building, and company-wide communication. Counting Gemini, PwC, Inova, and LGA among its clients, PeopleOne makes it easy to publish internal job postings, display FAQs for common HR questions, host discussions, distribute employee survey links, make company announcements, or share important resources. You'll find what or who you need with quick links, advanced search filters, and org charts.


G2 rating: PeopleOne scores 4.2 out of 5 with the G2 software community, based on a few reviews.

An education management user describes: “One of the best things about the PeopleOne platform is the ability it creates to ensure everyone is on the same page across teams and information/documentation is shared seamlessly. All of your team tools are in one place and it promotes team collaboration within the platform. Love that information can be disseminated quickly and effectively."

Pricing: PeopleOne offers Essential, Standard, and Pro packages with specific pricing available on request.

10. HUB

HUB brings people, information, and technology together in a single workspace. Supported by clients like Nikon, The Pensions Ombudsman, Ocean Mind, and Flotilla, the platform offers unlimited data storage and cloud-based mobile responsiveness as part of its intranet. Employers can broadcast company updates, celebrate employee success, and create a general vibe with internal communications. Employees can customize their incoming content using tags and personalized notifications.

If corporate social responsibility is your top priority, this organization promises to plant 50 new trees for every new HUB it sets up.


G2 rating: Hub receives 4.5 out of 5 from the G2 user community, scoring 8.8 for Ease of Use, 8.7 for Ease of Admin, and 9.5 for Quality of Support.

Mid-market user Aoife T highlights that the Hub is user-friendly and visually pleasing: “We use it as a Knowledge Hub and it is an integral part of knowledge sharing within our organization. It helps us to connect and share information across a large number of departments and it is very easy to edit and create new content. I also like the reporting capabilities as they really help us to monitor and examine knowledge utilization within the organization.” 

Pricing: Hub offers discounts for nonprofits and organizations with larger headcounts. There are no hidden fees, as the price unlocks all software features. Contact Hub for accurate pricing.

11. Axero

Axero offers a mobile intranet tool that employees can launch from any iOS or Android device to access the company's directory. Get their attention about the latest company news updates, the documents they must collaborate on, or track meetings and event RSVPs. Axero can set up workspaces for specific departments or projects. Companies like Amazon, Seneca, John Hopkins University, and Credit Agricole use Axero to stay connected.


G2 rating: Axero receives 4.2 out of 5 from the G2 community, scoring 8.4 for Ease of Use, 8.3 for Ease of Admin, and 8.7 for Quality of Support.

A mid-market banking user describes how they use the software: "Axero provides our company with an online platform to host our departmental files, articles, training videos, updates, and more. It serves as a central announcement and communication hub. Axero's intranet supports our company's community-focused culture through its social features, including user profiles and the ability to like, rate, and comment on content. This gives our rapidly growing company a central online location to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and communication with ease, in meaningful ways that email alone cannot provide.”

Pricing: Axero offers Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Accurate pricing is available from the vendor on request.

12. Blink

Blink describes itself as a "super app" for frontline employees. With a social media-style feed and audience segmentation, it enables employers to avoid communication silos and reach their frontline teams. Blink's core features include a content hub for your policies and procedures, a news feed, a secure chat function, digital forms, surveys, and a single sign-on for maximum convenience.

The platform counts Metroline, Coach USA, and Care Synergy among its customers.


G2 rating: Blink receives 4.6 out of 5 from the G2 user community, scoring 9.2 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 9.0 for Ease of Admin, and 9.1 for Quality of Support.

Enterprise user Jamie W. reveals what their organization loves about the platform: “Blink links a workforce together and provides a one stop shop that team members can access to complete their work day. The platform provides not only an outlet for communication and for team member camaraderie but also as a workplace hub.”

Pricing: Blink offers Business and Enterprise packages, with accurate quotes available from the vendor on request.

13. LumApps

LumApps offers a modern, digital headquarters that employees can connect to from anywhere to design their ideal work experience. With customers from Zapier, Ascension, and Stellantis, among others, LumApps provides access to internal communications software such as content management systems, social communities, profile-based comms, design capabilities, and knowledge discovery tools to help communicators and improve company intranets. One of its core features is an integration with Google Workspace that provides access to beta products and innovations.


G2 rating: LumApps scores 4.2 out of 5 from the G2 user community based on approximately 75 reviews.

One enterprise user in financial services says that their organization's relationship with LumApps keeps evolving: “Initially, we just needed a consistent enterprise tool to deploy communications. That has evolved over the years into a digital place for our team members to consume communications, celebrate culture, and build community. We love that not only is it functional and feature-rich; but it is also people-first, and the social aspect of the platform is what keeps our audience coming back."

Pricing: LumApps offers packages for Business, Professional, Enterprise, and Frontline Workers. Accurate pricing is available from the vendor on request.

14. Unily

Unily offers an employee experience platform suitable for remote, on-site, or hybrid workers based anywhere globally, whether at a desk or on the frontline. Unily provides an inclusive digital arena to virtually onboard new hires, improve engagement, store important documents, and bring everyone together (even contractors, alums, and partners) under one roof.

Unily has an employee app, AI capabilities, and personalized comms. Unily's clients include Canon, Crayola, Estee Lauder, and Cathay Pacific.


G2 rating: Unily achieves 4.5 out of 5 from the G2 user community, scoring 9.2 out of 10 for Ease of Use, 8.5 for Ease of Admin, and 8.7 for Quality of Support.

Marketing specialist Angel V notes Unily’s simplicity: “Loaded with a user-friendly interface and great ease of use, Unily provides us with instant messaging in real time with very fast notifications, it also facilitates collaboration between the entire team thanks to its included tools with which we can share files and documents and thus facilitate the work. Additionally, it has a CMS that allows us to quickly connect to other applications such as Sharepoint and Microsoft applications.”

Pricing: Unily offers the Reach, Engage, Amplify, and Extend packages. Accurate quotes are available from the vendor on request.

15. Haiilo

Haiilo bundles employee communications, intranet, and listening services into a single platform. The tool avoids information overload by enabling customizable dashboards so employees can display the internal communication channels and information that are relevant to them. For those short on time, Haiilo also offers AI-assisted content creation and search capabilities accessible from any device. Haiilo counts Coca-Cola, Swarovski, DHL, L'Oreal, and E.On among its customers.


G2 rating: Haiilo receives 4.6 out of 5 from the G2 user community, scoring 9.5 for Ease of Use and 9.3 for both Ease of Admin and Quality of Support.

Here's what mid-market user Batou B. loves about Haiilo: “It is a tool with a very intuitive platform that is focused on employee communication. It also facilitates the creation of content between work teams so you can measure the commitment of employees which drives the success of the company.”

Pricing: Haiilo offers the Core, Business, and Enterprise packages. Accurate pricing is available from the vendor on request.

What Is Internal Communications Software?

Internal communication tools are digital platforms or software systems that unite people within an organization. They connect everyone from senior management to entry-level employees, ensuring that each individual can access relevant information and collaborate easily on projects or discussions. 

Why Is Internal Communication Software Important?

Companies that have been getting by with a patchwork of email, video conferencing calls, and town hall meetings may not see the value in adopting a formal internal comms tool. While every organization must weigh up the pros and cons of implementing a new digital tool, there are some tangible benefits available for those that do:

Improved Information Sharing

Centralized communication platforms ensure important information is easily accessible to all employees. From team project updates to essential HR policies, keeping critical documentation stored and available reduces misinformation and aligns everyone with your company's goals.

These tools reduce the time your workers spend searching for information or waiting for responses, allowing employees to focus on their core work.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Praise is one type of communication that profoundly impacts your workforce. 81.9% of employees surveyed in Nectar’s recent employee recognition survey report that regular recognition improves employee engagement. Choosing a comms suite with built-in recognition capabilities is key here.

Strong Collaboration

Organizational silos exist in workplaces where individuals or groups of employees don't communicate effectively with each other. Managers may not pass company updates down to lower-ranked employees, or departments may not liaise with adjacent teams, resulting in lost knowledge. Comms tools bust these collaboration roadblocks, making it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

Successful Remote Work

An obvious use case for internal communications platforms is maintaining contact with distributed teams. With the right tool, on-site, hybrid, and remote employees can feel productive and develop strong team relationships, no matter where they're located.

Strengthens Company Culture

Regular and transparent communication reinforces company values and culture, develops close workplace connections, and builds a stronger sense of community and belonging among employees. Whether using a comms channel to break the ice with new employees, announce a new employee resource group, or share a company milestone, the right tool makes it easy to live and breathe your cultural values.

Crisis Management

An effective internal communication system can distribute critical information quickly and coordinate necessary response efforts in times of crisis or rapid change. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies relied heavily on internal communications software to share updates, distribute remote work policies, and keep employees informed about changing safety protocols.

Internal communications software can help with crisis management

Revamp Your Internal Communication With Nectar

Nectar’s rewards and recognition platform slips easily into your internal comms tech stack, offering the following features to keep your employees connected:

  • Recognition: Employees exchange messages of praise on Nectar’s social network, along with redeemable reward points. Use the shoutout features to make company announcements like welcoming new hires, celebrating promotions, and highlighting team wins. 
  • Rewards: Employees exchange their accumulated points for a wide range of rewards, including Amazon products, gift cards, charity donations, company swag, and custom rewards. 
  • Milestones: Automate key moments like birthdays and anniversaries so every employee receives a special message on their special day. 
  • Challenges: Set up relevant workplace challenges and motivate your employees to participate. For example, you might set up a benefits open enrollment challenge and announce the start date on Nectar. 

Ready to radiate positive energy throughout your organization? Learn how to communicate praise and recognition to your employees by booking a free Nectar demo today.

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